Free Shipping on Proslide XT Sulky, GoSlide Sulky, & All Orders Over $100

Free Shipping

It's true.

iGoPro Lawn Supply is now offering free shipping on Proslide XT's, GoSlide, and everything else in our store if your cart total equals $100 or greater before tax (Tax only charged in KY).

Free shipping is good for the continental US addresses only.  Thanks for understanding.  Contact us for our best shipping rates if you are outside the continental US.

Orders $99.99 and under have a shipping rate of $12.95 as this is the price we are charged by our fulfillment services.

Free Shipping For The Lawn Supplies You Need To Run Your Landscaping Business

These are weird times and lots of people are experiencing financial hardship.  We wanted to do something to try to help.

We know most lawn and landscape companies are still able to operate in most states.  Some states have some weird rules like Ohio for example.  In Ohio lawn and landscape companies are limited to 1 person per truck and on a property at a time.  Obviously a bit of an inconvenience and a safety issue to say the least.

Proslide XT For Sale With Free Shipping

Yes.  We are offering free shipping on our most popular item and it weighs 30 pounds!

Free shipping on the Proslide XT is finally here.  iGoPro Lawn Supply and Lawn Crack sell more Proslide XT's online than every other online dealer combined, including the manufacturer themselves.


2 reasons.

We market the Proslide XT better than anyone else and we have the lowest price online.  You still get the full manufacturer's warranty too.

So, it only makes sense we sell the most.

GoSlide Sulky With Free Shipping


The GoSlide sulky is over $100 so it qualifies for free shipping as well.

In 2020, GoSlide sales have increased significantly over the years past and we are not surprised.  The GoSlide is one of the cheapest sulkies available for commercial walk behind lawn mowers.  It is made to last right here in the USA just like all of Novae Corp's products.

The GoSlide also offers near-zero maintenance.  Thanks to its simplistic design, there is simply nothing that can break or need to be replaced minus the wear plate. 

The wear plate on the Proslide XT and GoSlide should last for years if used properly.  If you want to be lazy and ride on them on concrete, you can expect to replace it more often.

Free Shipping On Mix & Match Lawn Replacement Part Orders

Mix and match any of the items in our store and if the cart totals $100 or more, it all ships free!

We hope you enjoy and appreciate our free shipping offer.  We will see what the response is and maybe it will last forever.

If you have been on our store recently you may have noticed some pricing has changed when we made this move to free shipping.  Everyone knows someone has to pay for shipping.  We are simply footing the bill for you and adjusted the pricing slightly to compensate.

The total price of everything is less than ever before!

For example, before we moved to free shipping the Proslide XT was $369.99 plus $30 shipping.  Now, the Proslide XT is now $388.49.  

We are saving you money!  That was the whole point of iGoPro Lawn Supply from the get-go.

Anyway, thanks for shopping.  And, you already know...


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