Chainsaw Chains

iGoPro Lawn Supply caters to professional lawn, landscape, and tree service professionals.  We also sell to DIY homeowners.  If you are not familiar with chainsaw chains, below is a quick introduction.  If you'd like to know more about how to purchase the correct chainsaw chain, we wrote a blog all about it.

Chain Information

Find Chains That Fit Your Saw

You may notice our chains are not listed as, "for a 16" bar," for example.

The chainsaw bar pictured above would take a .050 3/8 72 LKS chain without bumper links.

Most of our chainsaw chains are listed in the format that follows:


.043 - This represents the gauge of the drive link on that chain.  In this case, the gauge would be .043" or 1.1mm.

3/8 LP - This represents the pitch of that chain.  LP notes this is a low profile chain, also referred to as Picco.  In this case, the gauge of this chainsaw chain would be 3/8" low profile.

34 LKS - Lets you know this chain has 34 drive links.

LOW PRO - This is just confirming it is a low profile 3/8" pitch chain.  It is important to note, 3/8" is also a common pitch of chainsaw chains that are not low profile.

WITH BUMPER LINK - This means this chain has a built-in ramp that reduces kickback potential.

25' or 100' - This lets you know it is a reel of continuous chain saw which you can use to create the chain saw lengths you need for your application.  Many tree services purchase their chainsaw chain like this to save money.  It is not recommended for anyone unfamiliar with working with chainsaw chains.

Search For Chainsaw Chains by Size

💡 Try searching for your chain's gauge, pitch, and the number of drive links to quickly find the chain (and bar) to fit your chainsaw.

🔎 Example Search: .043 3/8 40