Custom Ladder Racks For Enclosed Trailers

Ladder Rack for Enclosed Trailer

Our ladder rack system has everything you need to mount up to 500 pounds of ladders on top of your enclosed trailer or box truck.  With the ability to add stiffener angles to increase load capacity to 1,000 pounds!

The Edge Guard allows for quick, easy, and safe loading and unloading of rooftop ladders.  Never worry about damaging the exterior of your work vehicle again and shave time off each job.

Ladder hooks allow for hanging ladders on the side of your vehicle.  These ladder racks can be installed on open or enclosed trailers, work vans, and box trucks.

Black enclosed trailer with ladder racks on the top and side.

Enclosed Trailer Ladder Racks

Our enclosed trailer ladder racks are made in the USA and also work perfectly with box trucks.  Constructed from aviation-grade aluminum, you never have to worry about rust damaging your vehicle.

Enclosed trailers with ladder racks are a popular choice for contractors such as roofers, landscapers, utility workers, and more.  Even some HVAC contractors prefer to utilize an enclosed trailer to tote around their work supplies.  Our GirdIron ladder racks are a perfect choice for a contractor in the market for a ladder rack for an enclosed trailer

The Best Cargo Trailer Ladder Racks

Our ladders racks are also often referred to as cargo trailer ladder racks.  Cargo trailers usually have a few extra bells and whistles compare to base-model enclosed trailers.

Trailer with ladder racks and edge guard to protect the exterior trailer walls

How Our Enclosed Trailer Ladder Racks Work

Our GridIron racking systems have 4 main components: posts, mounting brackets, hooks, and crossmembers.

Ladder Rack Posts: The posts are essential because this is how you will attach the ladder hooks or ladder crossmembers that will actually hold your ladders.

Slotted Ladder Mounting Bracket: The slotted ladder mounting bracket is used to attach the posts to the exterior wall of your enclosed trailer or box truck.

Ladder Hooks: Ladder hooks are used to create a side ladder rack.

Ladder Crossmembers: Ladder crossmembers are used to create a roof ladder rack.

Optional components include:

Ladder Rack Crossmember Support Brace: Adding support braces to your roof ladder rack crossmembers will double the load capacity from 500 pounds to 1,000 pounds.

Edge Guard: The edge guard can be added to any ladder racking system pre-built (The 2 or 3-crossmember ladder racks) or any custom-built ladder racking system you piece together that utilizes crossmembers.

Benefits of our GridIron Ladder Racks

  1. Will fit all trailers from 48” to 100” wide
  2. Made from aviation-grade aluminum: Will never rust
  3. Made in the USA
  4. Built by the manufacturer of the industry-leading Sure-Trac trailer line
  5. Ability to customize your ladder racking system to meet your specific needs or purchase a pre-built ladder rack assembly

Customizing Your Ladder Racks

The beauty of our ladder rack systems is that you can fully customize a racking system to meet your specific needs.  We also have 3 pre-built racking systems to streamline your ordering process.

What you need to know when customizing your ladder rack system:

If you only need a roof ladder rack, you can use the 3' posts.  This will give you enough roof to securely mount the posts to your vehicle's exterior walls with enough clearance to attach the crossmembers.

You will need to purchase 1 (set of 4) slotted ladder mounting brackets for every 2 posts you purchase.  This is how you will mount the post to your vehicle's exterior walls.

If you'd like to add ladder hooks on the same posts the crossmembers are attached to, purchase 4' posts instead of 3' posts if you would like to hang one ladder on those posts.  Purchase the 6' post if you would like to hand 2 ladders on those posts.

Things to consider adding to your ladder racks include the crossmembers support braces which will double your load capacity from 500 pounds to 1,000 pounds and edge guard to protect your vehicle's exterior when loading and unloading ladder racks.

Need Help Purchasing Your Ladder Racks?

No worries.  You can call, text, or email us for support even outside our normal business hours.  If we can answer or respond immediately, we will.  No matter the time or day of the week including holidays.

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