Great Lawn Care Logos

How important is it to have a great lawn care logo for your lawn care business?  We'd like to say very important!

Your logo is often one of the first impressions anyone will get regarding your lawn care service.  You want it to be clear and memorable.

Let's talk about some great logos of lawn care companies we've built websites for over the past couple of years via iGoPro Lawn Supply recommended website and SEO company for lawn care services, Optimized SEO and Websites.

Great Expectations Logo

Great Expectations Lawn and Landscape's Logo

Great Expectations Lawn and Landscape's logo is a perfect example of use the company name's abbreviate to create a logo from.  In this case, the letters used are 'G' and 'E.'

The 'G' and 'E' are complimented by 2 leaves and 2 core colors; green and gold.  This logo pulls off using a gradient well, but it is a best practice to not utilize a gradient in your logo.  Obviously there are always exceptions to a rule!

Great Expectations Lawn and Landscape is a lawn care service in Fuquay-Varina, NC.  Joe is the owner and is a keen businessman.  After his family relocated to Fuquay-Varina in 2019 he has quickly built a customer base in his family's new hometown. 

Fishwater Landscaping Logo

Fishwater Landscaping's Logo

Fishwater Landscaping has a long history with Ryan the owner of iGoPro Lawn Supply.  The owner reached out to Ryan back in 2017 regarding building his recently acquired lawn service in Wilmington, NC.  By early 2018, Fishwater Landscaping had a website they got tons of compliments on and even more leads!

Since building the website for Fishwater Landscaping, Ryan has since performed a lot of SEO work and managed Google Ads for them.  Fishwater Landscaping has referred Optimized SEO and Websites to 3 of their business colleagues which all had Optimized SEO and Websites build their website and perform additional internet marketing services.

We love Fishwater Landscaping's logo because it plays on their business name, which is unique, but easy to spell and still clear on what they do.  The 'fish' is obviously the highlight of their logo and text is used to make it very clear what the business's name is and what services they perform.

Telos Lawn Care Logo

Telos Lawn Care's Logo

Telos Lawn Care asked Optimized SEO and Websites for advice on getting a 'mascot logo' for their business to compliment their existing but rather bland original logo.

Since Ryan at Optimized SEO and Websites had worked with so many lawn and landscape companies, he knew exactly who to refer Mike at Telos Lawn Care too.

Telos Lawn Care's mascot logo is our favorite on this list because it is so slick and versatile.  By versatile we mean the logo could easily be modified to create great custom graphics for use on their website and other on and offline marketing purposes.  This is because when you have a logo professionally made, you will receive all of the source vector files to go along with the standard image file formats.

Gwinnett Lawns Logo

Great Logos All Have These Characteristics

The Gwinnett Lawns logo above is another example of a mascot logo built by our recommended graphic designer!  He's a beast!

Consider a couple things when coming up with the idea for your great lawn care logo.

The first consideration should be the fact that your logo needs to look good on a business card (small) and on an enclosed trailer (large).  A rookie mistake logo designers make is not taking this into consideration.

The second consideration is you will need to use your logo in multiple places, make sure you get all of the file formats you will ever possibly need.  The main file types you should receive include the standard .jpg, .png, and .pdf file formats.  JPG and PNG images are great for web use and PDF is the preferred file format for printing.  You also want at least one of these files types in case you ever need it, even you don't know how to use them yourself.  These vector file formats include PSD, AI, EPS, and SVG.

The third consideration is to keep colors limited to 1, 2, or 3 specific color codes so you can keep consistent branding across all marketing efforts in the future.

Finally, be sure to make your logo clear and obvious as to what your business does whenever possible.  Also, don't do anything with it that may offend anyone!

Custom Mascot Logos From $40

Believe it or not you can get your very own custom mascot logo for just $40 plus a $4 convenience fee.  You can be out the door for $44 with a logo that will be sure to make your lawn care company stick out from the crowd.

Get your great mascot logo here.

iGoPro Lawn Supply may receive a small commission for some referrals to our recommended mascot designer.  We use him personally and know several clients that have used this same guy over the past several years.  He's amazing! We fully expect you'll have a great experience with him too.

The Benefits of Mascot Logos

And, this is exactly why we love these $44 mascot logos!

Check out all of these unique variations we were able to quickly and easily make using the vector files provided by our recommended graphic designer.

Modified Logos 1

Modified Logos 2

Modified Logos 3

Ryan Sciamanna

Ryan is the owner and founder of Lawn Crack, LLC the parent company of iGoPro Lawn Supply. He has worked in almost every capacity within the lawn and landscape industry for small local companies, nationwide companies, and of course, owning his own lawn & landscape business which he sold in 2018 before starting selling lawn and garden products online. Learn more about Ryan by subscribing to the LawnCrack YouTube Channel.