Providing Lawn Services in Fort Myers

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For the majority of the lawn and landscape companies in the United States it is a seasonal business.  Things ramp up in the spring as the lawns and landscapes break dormancy and work remains steady into the fall.  And, of course, snow removal is a common option for seasonal lawn and landscape companies to generate revenue over the winter months.

Landscaping is a Year-Round Service in Florida

For businesses in warmer clients there is less seasonality to their business.  This allows them to continue to provide their primary lawn and landscape services all year long.

Jonathan Pototschnik said in one of his many awesome YouTube videos that you may need to move to be able to build a sustainable lawn and landscape business.  He didn't mean move to a warmer client, but to ensure your geographic service area has the demographics to support the need for another lawn and landscape company.

My friend Leo at Leo Garden Care serving Fort Myers, Florida, has both boxes checked!

Just to be clear, over the winter months things to slow down for lawn services in Florida.  Weekly mowing usually goes to bi-weekly mowing for example and there isn't as much interest in lawn and landscape services but there are still being performed daily.

Leo Garden Care

Leo faces another issue in his market though.  He is a Hispanic business owner in the US that does speak English very well.  Leo cannot get the license he needs in the city his business is located, Naples, Florida, to be able to legally offer tree and landscaping services.  He is able to perform lawn mowing without the license.

This is due to county laws.  Fort Myers is in Lee County, FL,  and Naples is in Collier County, FL.

This has created a dilemma for Leo as he can speak English much better than he can read and write English making it very difficult for him to pass the test even tough he has excellent workmanship and takes safety very seriously.

Fort Myers Tree Service

Leo is like many landscapers in the US.  He is talented in a multitude of lawn and landscape services and excels at tree pruning and removal.  There are plenty of palm trees in Fort Myers so this fairs well for Leo.

If you happen to live or own property in Fort Myers, I highly recommend you contact Leo Garden Care for tree services in Fort Myers.

He will provide you with a fair quote quickly and will do the job right.  He has all of the safety gear and licenses and insurance needed to legally perform the service as well.

Landscaping Fort Myers

Landscaping is another service Leo Garden Care performs very well.  Like many other lawn services in Florida, Leo offers irrigation installation and repair along with mulching, pruning, and design/installation.

You can see several great pictures of Leo Garden Care's landscaping Fort Myers photos by visiting his website.  The before and after photos speak volumes about their quality of work and attention to detail.

Would you like working in Florida?

If you own a lawn and landscape company in a seasonal climate, we'd love to know what you think about offering lawn and landscape services in areas like Florida where you can offer your services year round.

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