Model and Serial Numbers Explained

The model number represents a specific type of machine made by a manufacturer while the serial number is specific to your machine.

As a parts supplier, we need your machine's model and serial number to be able to help you find replacement parts that will 100% fit your machine!

There seems to be a little bit of confusion regarding model and serial numbers among consumers, so we thought we'd write this short and informative blog post titled, "Model and Serial Numbers Explained."

Snapper Pro SW25 Lawn Mower

Model and Serial Number Example

The walk-behind lawn mower pictured above is a Snapper Pro SW25 48" lawn mower.

'SW25' is the model, not the 'model number!'  Often, knowing the model is not enough information to accurately identify compatible replacement parts.

The model number for the SW25 pictured above is 5901498.  This is more specific than just saying, "I have a Snapper Pro SW25."

The serial number for this specific SW25 is 4000037036.  This is more specific than the model number, but is also worthless without also knowing the model number!

Confused yet?  Let us clarify!

Serial Numbers Identify a Specific Production Run For A Certain Model

Several (hundreds or thousands) Snapper Pro SW25 lawn mowers will also have the exact same model number.  In this example, model #5901498 represents the Snapper Pro SW25 48" walk-behind lawn mower.

The serial number found on our SW25 is unique to our SW25.  It is the only one with that exact serial number.  When you are trying to find your machine's parts diagram, you will notice serial numbers are listing in ranges for model numbers!

Model Numbers Stay The Same While Serial Numbers Differ

The reason each machine in a model numbers products run are unique is because often a manufacturer will make the same machine year after year for many years.  Once they have a winning product, it makes sense to mass produce it.

But, if they are making the same model 5, 7, 10 years later, technology has surely advanced!  The may want to swap out obsolete parts for the new and improved parts that are now readily available.

In this scenario, which happens often, the majority of the model number's components remain the same, but XYZ parts have been replaced with the new and improved version now available since we are years in the future at this point.

Engine model number location

Machines and Engines Will Each Have Their Own Model and Serial Number

Another thing to know since we are a lawn and garden store and many of the parts we sell are for machines that have engines is that the engine will have its own model and serial number.

If you are looking for a replacement part for the engine on your machine, you may very well need to look up a parts diagram for your engine instead of your lawn mower for example.

Model number location on zero turn lawn mower

Where do you find your model and serial number?

This will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but we have some tips for you regarding where to look.

On lawn mowers, check the frame of your mower.  This is a pretty standard location to find a model and serial number.

Model and serial numbers are going to be engraved into the machine, engraved onto a metal plate/plaque secured to your machine, or possibly on a heavy-duty, water-resistance sticker.

If your machine is older or just dirty, remember you may need to clean your machine to locate your model and serial number!

Google Search for parts diagram

How to find replacement parts with your model and serial number

The best way to identify the parts you need for your specific machine is to do a Google search for your model number and parts diagram.

Here is what you would type into Google for our example Snapper Pro SW25 lawn mower:

model 5901498 parts diagram

You should see several search results that will take you to a parts diagram.  It is important to verify once looking at the parts diagram that the model number and serial number for your machine match the parts diagram you are looking at!  Remember, the model number should be an exact match and your machines serial number should fall within the range shown for that specific parts diagram.

Sometimes you don't actually need the serial number to accurately find replacement parts but you won't know this until you start searching and looking at diagrams.  It's best to have both ready so you order the correct parts the first time!

parts search with part number

I have my part number, how to I find the part I need to purchase?

Once you have your part number, come on back here to and enter your part number into our search bar! 

We probably have the replacement part you need for your lawn equipment at a very competitive price and will ship it to you very quickly!

If you are having trouble with any of this stuff, please contact us!  We look up parts all day long for our customers and are happy to help. 

We have access to additional parts not currently listed on our website - so, if you reach out to us, we could let you know if we have it or not even if you can't find it on our site.  Along with parts not listed on our website yet, we also have additional resources to help you find the part you need!

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