Lawn Mower Sulky Comparison Chart

In our last blog post, we went over the pros and cons of the 3 types of lawn mower sulkies: 1-wheel, 2-wheel, and platform style. In today's post, we will do a side by comparison between 1- and 2-wheel sulkies vs the Proslide XT. Both the Proslide XT and GoSlide are platform style sulkies instead of having wheels, but they are too different to simply lump together in this comparison. Since we focus on serving the professional lawn and landscapers, we will look at the Proslide XT in this comparison.

Lawn Mower Sulky Comparison Chart

Major Differences Between Lawn Mower Sulkies

The major difference between these sulky types is how the sulky actually carries the mower operator. The wheeled sulkies use the noted number of wheels in their names, while platform style sulkies do not have wheels at all and instead use a platform which comes with numerous advantages.

Since the focus point of this blog is the comparison chart below, before we get to that, let's note the major changes between the Proslide XT and GoSlide sulkies.

Differences Between The GoSlide and Proslide XT Sulky

The major difference between these 2 sulkies is that the Proslide XT retracts up and out of the operators way when he or she steps off of it. The GoSlide will stay on the ground, and in the way, like all wheeled sulkies. This is why we feel it is the most ideal choice for most professional lawn mowing services.

The GoSlide does certainly has its perks though! You will be hard-pressed to find another high-quality sulky with any kind of warranty for the price. iGoPro Lawn Supply proudly boasts the lowest price online for GoSlide and Proslide sulkies. The GoSlide is only $199.97 with FREE Shipping!

And, the GoSlide has the lowest cost of ownership of any sulky out there. The part you will more than likely ever need to replace is the wearplate on the bottom. This is the piece that slides on the ground giving it the platform characteristic.

Sulky Comparison Chart

Feature 1-Wheel 2-Wheel The Proslide XT
iGoPro Sulky Rating: 3rd 2nd 1st
Grease Fittings Yes Yes No
Bearings Yes Yes No
# of Wheels 1 2 0
Auto Retracts? No No Yes
Improves Stripes No No Yes
Cost $$$ $$$ $$$
Can Jackknife Yes Yes No
Keeps Operator Centered No No Yes
User at Ground Level No No Yes
Feel Every Bump? Yes Yes No
Cost of Ownership $ $ $
Warranty Depends Depends Yes
Safety on Hills Poor Poor Excellent
Hindrance While Walking Behind Mower Yes Yes No
Weight Average Above Average Below Average
Trailer Space Taken Average Above Average Below Average
Manual Chain Up? Yes Yes Self-Retracts
Cool Factor No No Yes
Ride on Pavement? Yes Yes No
PSI to Soil Surface Too Much! Acceptable Barely Any!

Comparison Conclusion

What are your thoughts? Go iAmPro and leave a comment below.

We sell the GoSlide and Proslide XT sulkies. We have reached out to numerous manufacturers of wheeled sulkies and can't get the time of day from them. That is fine with us. We prefer to only sell the best and iGoPro 100% believes the Proslide XT is the best lawn mower sulky you can put behind your commercial walk behind mower. And, if the Proslide XT is not in the budget just yet, you cannot go wrong with the GoSlide.

If you are in the market for your first lawn mower sulky or looking to switch it up on your next purchase, we think you will find our unbiased sulky pros and cons blog helpful.

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