The Best Trailer Racks

Build Your Trailer Equipment Rack

The best trailer racks need to be functional, built to last, and priced right.  GridIron trailer racks are just that.  

Keep your equipment safe and protected with these professional-grade trailer racks to hold your trimmers, blowers, chainsaws, hand tools, and much more.  Another reason we believe these are the best trailer racks is that they are the only trailer racks that can be fully customized to fit your trailer and grow with your lawn and landscape company.

Shop the 3 trimmer rack bundle and get a feel for the racks.

Racks Perfect For Landscape Trailers

Aviation grade aluminum posts will never rust and our tool racks are fully customizable per your unique setup requirements.  Perfect for landscapers looking to organize their lawn equipment and securely transport it from job to job.

Specifically for landscapers are trailer racking systems include hand tool holders, water cooler racks, and chainsaw racks for trailers.

Lawn Care Trailer Racks Built For Professionals

Lawn care professionals love how our racking system can hold about any lawn or garden tool or supply you put on them!

The universal holder holds true to its name.  Any lawn equipment that will fit on this holder can be secured by your lawn care trailer rack system.

Our GridIron trimmer racks are lockable and can be purchased in multiple pre-built trailer rack packages to streamline the ordering process.  Purchase everything you need to hold 2 trimmers or 3 trimmers by purchasing one of those rack bundles.  We also have a trimmer rack that will attach to your commercial lawn mower.

Our blower rack for trailers is another popular holder.  We have the original GridIron blower rack and new GridIron blower rack which may better fit your needs.

Our lawn equipment racks available within our trailer rack line include hedge trimmer racks, gas can racks, water cooler racks, trimmer string holder, curb ramps and holder, and a spare tire holder.

Trimmer Racks for Enclosed Trailer

Enclosed Trailer Racks

As shown below, our trailer racks are not limited to open trailers.  Our trailer racks work perfectly with enclosed trailers as well.

If you do have an enclosed trailer, you can save some money on your racking system by using 2x4's in place of our posts.

Trailer Racks for Open or Enclosed Trailers

Open Trailer Racks

Of course, our trailer racks work with open trailers!

They even work with open trailers that use tubes instead of angle iron for the rails.

If you are wanting to buy the best trailer racks, we highly recommend our GridIron trailer racks because of the ability to customize.  Unlike any other landscape trailer racks on the market, you are in full control of our trailer racks.  Mix and match post sizes and holder combinations to perfectly meet your needs.

Even better, you can always add-on to your GridIron trailer racks.  Save money expanding your racking system as your business grows.  Since you have the ability to mix and match racking components, often adding to your trailer racks is as cheap and easy as adding the holder you need to your existing posts.

How to build your custom equipment rack:

  1. (Optional) The 'Universal Mounting Bracket' can be used if you do not want to drill into your trailer's rails to mount the 'Post Sets.'
  2. Choose your desired 'Post' length and number of posts.  The difference between 'Posts' and Post Sets' is that the 'Post Sets' come with mounting brackets to attach posts to your trailer's rails.
  3. Pick out the 'Holders' that correspond to the equipment type you would like to mount on your racking system.
Things worth noting about our racks:
  • 'Bundles' are popular combinations of 'Post Sets' and 'Holders' already grouped together and are priced slightly less than purchasing each item in the bundle individually.
  • Using the 'Universal Mounting Brackets' will make pluming your 'Posts' easier if your trailer has tube rails.
  • If you would like to be able to lock your trimmers, purchase a 'Trimmer Lock.'  A single 'Trimmer Lock' will lock all trimmers mounted on that 'Post.'
  • The blower holder, chainsaw holder, and ramp holder are also lockable.  You just need to install your padlock of choice to each to do so.
  • If you have a box truck or enclosed trailer, you can mount the 'Holders' to a 2x4 mounted to the interior walls of your vehicle instead of 'Posts.'
  • The racks are 100% fully customizable and re-arrangeable allowing you to design and build the perfect equipment racking system for your specific needs with the ability to add or move 'Holders' as your company grows.

Shop GridIron trailer racks right now!

landscape trailer with trailer racks

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