Grass Flaps and Chute Blockers

Control where your grass clippings go!  This is what professional lawn mowers do to get professional results when mowing in tight areas.

We are proud to be an authorized dealer for The Green Guard which makes professional-grade motorized grass flaps/chute blockers.  

Quickly, easily, and safely operate your lawn mower's grass flap by installing the HD, Slim HD, Mini HD, or Slim Mini HD model.

Ask us if you want to know which set up is best for your mower!  Email and tell us your deck size and mower's make and model please.

The HD Model is for 42" and larger mower decks.

The Slim HD, Mini HD, or Slim Mini HD are for 36" and smaller mower decks.

The Battery Booster is needed if your mower is a pull start.

No-drill installation kits are available as an add-on product and so is a foot pedal if your lawn mower is a stander or zero turn.  

The Green Guard works with almost every brand of mower and deck size.  Each product has a 'real-size' PDF you can print to test fit on your mower before purchasing.