Trimmer Line - Vortex

Vortex Style String Trimmer Line


Vortex trimmer line is the most popular trimmer line we offer followed by the traditional round line.  Many lawn mowing companies prefer the Vortex line because of its aerodynamic design cuts through the air with minimal friction allowing for higher engine RPMs and overall less stress on your trimmer's engine.

Benefits of Vortex Trimmer Line

Many lawn professionals claim the Vortex string is quieter, decreases trimmer head vibration, eliminates line flutter, and is much less likely to fray on the tip.  The price of the Vortex trimmer line is right in line with the other available types too.

If you are on the fence about Vortex line, consider purchasing a smaller quantity to start.  We have small quantities available for under $10 in every size.  If you are a professional, the large spools are 5 pounds each, medium spools are 3 pounds, and small spools are 1 pound.

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