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Lawn Mower Blade Balancer

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Tecomec Magnetic Wall Mount Blade Balancer.

How the pros balance their blades.

6 Magnets allow better stability.

Mounts to any wall and checks to ensure blades are not bent.

Why Balance Mower Blades

    Many professionals don't consider the blade sharpening complete until the blades have also been balanced.  Blade balancing is even more important on residential grade mowers that are more easily affected by unbalanced blades.

    Balancing your blades creates fewer vibrations and saves your engine, pulleys, belts, and spindles from a lot of additional stress.  Balancing your blades regularly should extend the life of your lawn mower.

    How to Balance Lawn Mower Blades

    Simply put the cone on the blade balancer through the center hole on your mower blade to check for balance.  If the blade is heavy on one side, you know you need to grind a little more material from that side of your mower blade.  After removing additional material, check for balance again until the blade hangs level.