Product image of Rbg 712 Blade Grinder.
RBG 712 Blade Grinder
RBG 712 Blade Grinder
RBG 712 Blade Grinder
RBG 712 Blade Grinder
RBG 712 Blade Grinder
RBG 712 Blade Grinder
RBG 712 Blade Grinder
RBG 712 Blade Grinder
RBG 712 Blade Grinder
RBG 712 Blade Grinder
RBG 712 Blade Grinder

RBG 712 Blade Grinder

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Currently on backorder!  Expected delivery is December or January.

You are welcome to pay now and we will ship your RBG 712 as soon as more are manufactured.  You can also email Ryan your name and phone number to get notified once more are available very soon if you don't want to pre-purchase.




The RBG 712 is the most popular lawn mower blade sharpener on the market today!

This is an authentic RBG 712 Blade Grinder made by Wall Enterprises in Whiteland, IN. 

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Often called 'The best lawn mower blade sharpener!'

Free Shipping - Sales Tax Only If Shipped To Kentucky - $579 to your door!

Email or call us with any additional questions.

The disc should last at least for 300+ blades...we get asked that a lot.

The RBG 712 plugs into a standard wall outlet.

RBG712 Info & Specs:

  • 1/2 H.P ( 120 volts - Standard Outlet Plug)
  • 7" Disc Wheel (Metal-Center)
  • 30° Cutting Angle Every Time Per Guides
  • Sharpens Right & Left Hand Blades
  • Sharpens Mulching Blades Too

Reference and/or download the RBG 712 Manual and Parts Diagram

Warranty - RBG (Wall Enterprises Inc) warranties all of their products themselves no matter where you purchased them from for 1 year from the purchase date. 

Contact RBG directly to inquire about warranty claims.

We also have over 900+ lawn mower blades.  Compare and save.

RBG712 Accessories You may also want

The grit collector:

Extra grinding wheel:

Magnetic blade balancer:

Easy To Use Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener

The RBG 712 Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener is simply the best.  Razor-sharp lawn mower blades with 2 passes through the grinder!  Save time grinding lawn mower blades with this professional blade sharpener.

Recommended by Brian from Brian's Lawn Maintenance!  See it in action:

Restore Blades to a Factory Flat Edge using our Preset Blade Guide to maintain the proper angle for the best cut and edge life.

By replacing traditional grinding wheels the RBG 712 will reduce your work time while eliminating grinding wheel dust and wheel dressing.

The unique design will allow you to grind any length of cutting edge required for both Standard Right-Hand and Reverse Left-Hand Rotation Flat Blades and with the addition of the optional grit collector, you can maintain a cleaner and safer shop while sharpening blades.