Best Mask For Lawn Mowing?

Have you ever seen someone mowing grass and wondered why they are wearing a mask?  

Well, as the lawn mower blades pulverize the grass and anything else that enters their path such as weeds and leaves (hopefully not rocks or stumps!) they create a lot of dust particles.  Often the dust particles are not visible to the human eye but can contain harmful bacteria, fungi, or viruses that may have been kicked up. 

Decaying leaves are the biggest culprit of potentially releasing harmful dust into the air as you mow the lawn or perform lawn maintenance in general.

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Do you need a mask to mow the grass?

No.  You do not have to wear a mask to mow the lawn but it does make it safer for your overall health.

Best mask for lawn maintenance available in 3 sizes

Why RZ Mask masks?

We highly recommend RZ Mask masks because they are known for quality. 

Buying a super cheap mask that doesn't actually filter out particles from entering your lungs does absolutely no good.

RZ Mask masks filter 99.9% of dust particulars down to 1 micron with their active carbon filters.  For reference, the human hair is 40 microns. 

They also conform to NIOSH N99 standards. All of RZ Masks claims on performance are confirmed by an independent world-renowned microbiological testing facility in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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How long do they last?

Under light duty applications you can expect 50-60 hours of full protection out of the filter in your RZ Mask.  Under heavy duty applications you can expect 20-30 hours of full protection from a filter.

Replacement filters are available so once you have the mask all you need are additional filters and you will get your first replacement included with the purchase of your mask along with a bag to store the mask in while it is not in use.

How well do they fit?

Unlike cheap mask manufacturers RZ Mask actually makes difference sizes because if a mask does not have a snug fit against your face, it is going to be in effective.  The medium size is for people up to 125 pounds, large is for 125-215 pounds, and extra-large is for 215 pounds and above.

Are they effective for other applications?

Yes!  Woodworking for example.  I am new to woodworking myself and love using my RZ Mask in my woodworking workshop in Edgewood, KY.  Other popular applications for RZ Mask masks include off-road/outdoor activities like riding dirt bikes or ATVs and are perfect for first responders as well.

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Are there options for RZ Mask filters?

Yes!  RZ Mask has F1, F2, and F3 filters available and you can insert whichever best meets the needs for your application.

F1 Filters - Common uses - Low intensity exposure to dust, smoke, pollen, fumes, and odors.  Does contain activated charcoal in the filter.

F2 Filters - Common uses - High intensity exposure to dust or pollen with no fumes or odors present.  Does not contain activated charcoal in the filter.

F3 Filters - Common uses - High intensity exposure to dust, smoke, pollen, fumes, and odors.  Does contain activated charcoal in the filter.

What's the difference between the RZ Mask F1 and F3 filter?

The difference is the F3 allows for 40% more air to pass through the filter.  F1 filters are just fine for most people but if you experience difficulty getting enough air for any reason while using an F1 filter an F3 filter could solve this issue for you.  Some medical conditions may make the F3 filter more ideal and comfortable for that user.

Ryan Sciamanna

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