Tweels For Lawn Mowers

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If you are considering upgrading the traditional wheels and tire on your lawn mower with Tweels we'd love to answer any questions you have and provide you with a no-obligation quote with our best price.

Tweels are not brand new but they are still new and you don't see a lot of them out in the field.  The price of Tweels has began to come down though!

To get the lowest price, email with your mower's model number and current tire sizes.

Tweel of a lawn mower

Michelin® X® Tweel® Turf 

We are an authorized dealer of genuine Michelin® X® Tweel® Turf wheels and tires for off-road equipment specializing in lawn mowers.  We can also get Tweels for other off-road vehicles like skid steers, utility carts, and ATVs.

Many sizes of Tweels are available now

Why Tweels over traditional wheels and tires?

Tweels offer many benefits compared to traditional wheels and tires.

Tweels are lighter on the turf reducing any damage that may occur while riding and especially turning on turf.

Tweels absorb impact making for a smoother ride and more even cut.

Tweels obviously can't go flat so they reduce downtime just like solid or semi-pneumatic tires do but offer far more cushion that solid tires.

Tweels will last 2-3 times as long as an air-filled tire starting with a similar tread depth.

Tweels on a zero turn lawn mower

Will Tweels work with my mower?

More than likely Tweels will work with your lawn mower. 

By now in 2023, Tweels are made in almost every size used by major lawn mower manufacturers.

In alphabetical order we definitely have Tweels for Ariens mowers,  Tweels for Bad Boy mowers, Tweels for Big Dog mowers, Tweels for Bobcat mowers, Tweels for Cub Cadet mowers, Tweels for Dixie Chopper mowers, Tweels for Exmark mowers, Tweels for Ferris mowers, Tweels for Grasshopper mowers, Tweels for Gravely mowers, Tweels for Hustler mowers, Tweels for John Deere mowers, Tweels for Kubota mowers, Tweels for Mean Green, Tweels for Scag mowers, Tweels for Simplicity mowers, Tweels for Snapper Pro mowers, Tweels for Toro mowers, and Tweels for Wright mowers.

Caster wheel Tweels

Off-Road Use Tweel PDFs

Tweel Mower Application Guide* (*The PDF is not all-inclusive - Tweels fit plenty of other lawn mowers that are not on the PDF!)

Tweels for Mower Information PDF

Tweels for Skid Steers

Free Quote For Tweels

To request your free estimate for Tweels that fit your lawn mower, email with your mower's model number and current tire sizes.

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