Ladder Rack Crossmember Support Brace

Ladder Rack Crossmember Support Brace

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GridIron Equipment Crossmember Stiffener Angle

Double the load capacity of your GridIron ladder racks by adding a support brace.

Our ladder rack crossmembers hold up to 1,000 pounds of ladders with the addition of the stiffener angle.  That is 2x the normal 500-pound load capacity.

Constucted of aluminum angle iron.

Only 1 Support Brace needed per crossmember to double that crossmember's load capacity.


  • (1) Stiffener angle

You also need:

  • The other components of a GridIron ladder rack system that utilizes a crossmember bar.  

Benefits Of Our Equipment Racks

  1. Fully customizable now and forever.  Your business is going to grow right?  Well, you may need to change the layout of your equipment on your racks to make room for all your new toys.  With our racks, you may be able to purchase the only attachment you need instead of an entire new rack!
  2. Aviation grade aluminum is super strong and will not rust...EVER.  These will be the last tool racks you ever need.

*Ladders not included.

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