GoSlide Sulky

GoSlide Sulky

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The GoSlide sulky is one of the lowest-priced lawn mower sulkies you can buy. 

Purchase from us and it's $219.97 to your door - free shipping!  Guaranteed to be the lowest price online.

They are in stock and ready to ship today.  Free 1-3 day shipping.

It is very well-built and works with almost all commercial walk-behind lawn mowers.

The maintenance cost or 'cost of ownership' of a GoSlide is hands-down, the lowest out of any sulky.  The only part you will probably ever need to replace on the GoSlide is the wearplate and if you keep it primarily on turf as intended, it will last for 5+ years easily.

Everything is included with your purchase including the mounting bracket and hardware.  It also comes with a hook & chain system so you can secure your GoSlide under your mower's handles and walk freely behind your mower when you need to or for transport.

Dimensions: 20" wide, 16" from front to back, 3.5" think with collapsed. 

Weight: Approx 25 lbs.

Free 1-3 day shipping.  Full warranty.

Learn more about the GoSlide.