First Responders in Lawn Care

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Today we wanted to highlight some first responders in lawn care.

Yes!  There are heroes in the lawn care industry.

Often, work schedules of first responders leave the door open for them to start a small business to serve their local communities while they are not at their day job being a hero!  Many of these first responders who start a start choose to start a lawn care service, and we freaking love it here at iGoPro Lawn Supply.

Highlighting 3 Lawn Services Owned by First Responders

The owner of iGoPro Lawn Care has been in the lawn and landscape industry since 2004 when he got his first job in the industry at a lawn product distributor.  Since then Ryan has worked for Ohio Mulch, TruGreen, other local lawn service, his own lawn service, started a YouTube channel dedicated to lawn care, an online store dedicated to lawn supplies, and marketing services for lawn and landscape companies.

Needless to say, he knows a lot of people the industry, and vice versa.

Today we highlight 3 lawn services owned by first responders which hired Optimized SEO and Websites to build their lawn service's website.

Pro Mow Lawn Care Kansas City MO

Pro Mow Lawn Care in Kansas City, MO

James and his team of lawn care professionals at Pro Mow Lawn Care are a perfect example.

James operates Pro Mow Lawn Care in his hometown of Kansas City, MO with his business partner.  They offer lawn mowing, lawn fertilization and weed control, aerating and seeding, and lawn cleanups for yard debris such as fallen leaves needing to be collected and removed.

We highly recommend Pro Mow Lawn Care for lawn care in Kansas City and nearby communities.

Priority One Lawn Care Novi MI

Priority One Lawn Care in Novi, MI

Brandon and his team at Priority One Lawn Care in Novi, Michigan is another first responder owned lawn service.

Priority One Lawn Care offers a complete lawn solutions in Novi and nearby.  They separate themselves from the other local lawn services by handling any and all of their customers needs wrapped into a single package.

Much like Pro Mow, Priority One offers the same suite of lawn services but also offers mulch and stone installation on the landscape side of the business.

Gwinnett Lawns Gwinnett County GA

Gwinnett Lawns in Gwinnett County, GA

Russell at Gwinnett Lawns in Dacula, Georgia is simply a stand up guy.  You don't have to take Ryan's word for it, Gwinnett Lawns 65 5-star Google Reviews do all of the talking for the company.

Gwinnett Lawns offers a full suite of lawn and landscape services in Gwinnett County.  Another your lawn or landscape could need, Russell and his team are ready and willing to perform professionally and at a fair price.  Since Gwinnett Lawns is located in the south an additional service they offer to their lawn customers is shrub pruning including crepe myrtles.

Do you know a first responder in lawn care?

If you know a first responder in lawn care or if you are a first responder in lawn care, please drop their name and website link in the comments!

We are very thankful these awesome people choose to serve their local communities with their career and love even more they have chosen to be a part of the wonderful lawn and landscape community.


Ryan Sciamanna

Ryan is the owner and founder of Lawn Crack, Optimized SEO and Websites, iGoPro Lawn Supply, and iGoPro Marketing. After working in about every aspect of the lawn care industry, Ryan started his own lawn care company with a push mower and no experience owning a business.

10 years later he sold his business for a healthy profit and continues to serve the lawn and landscape industry with high-quality products and website and online marketing services. Ryan also offers free content to help new lawn care business owners and DIY homeowners professionally maintain their lawns!

You can continue learning on's or's blogs or the LawnCrack YouTube channel. Free resources are available for download on Consider buying the eBook version of Cracking the Code to Profit in the Lawn and Landscape Industry. In the book, Ryan lays out exactly how he built a profitable lawn care business and how you can do the same.