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iGoPro Lawn Supply offers more than ladder racks for roofers!

In mid-May 2021, Gary Hamm with Weather Stop Roofing called us inquiring about our website services for roofers. By the end of May 2021, Weather Stop Roofing had a brand new website to show off their business online.

Gary found us because he owns a roofing company in Greater Cincinnati which is where we located! The result was pretty amazing! We definitely found a new niche building websites for roofers.

You Need Some Work To Go With Those Ladder Racks?

We sell parts, supplies, and equipment many types of contractors use in their businesses. The #1 type of contactor that uses a ladder regularly is a roofing contractor!

But, ladder racks aren't cheap! The ladders they transport from job to job aren't either.

Gary didn't reach out to us for ladder racks, he wanted us to increase his businesses exposure on the internet to find people searching for roofing services in Greater Cincinnati.

Roofing Website Design

Check Out Weather Stop Roofing's Website

If you are a roofing company, I highly recommend you hop on Weather Stop Roofing's website to see what we did by actually navigating the site.

Check out the brand new website for Weather Stop Roofing.

Gary wanted his company's website to be easy to navigate and wanted to make sure anyone who found his website would immediately see a method to contact them. He's not great with tech and these things were important to him. We know, many people online are not very savvy yet!

Roofing Pictures and Icons

Since we cater to the lawn and landscape community, the overwhelming majority of websites we build are for lawn and landscape companies. Working with a roofing company was a very nice change of pace. It was also nice to work with a small business in Loveland, OH because most of our clients are not local to us!

We were amazed at the images and graphics available for roofers. One of the most frustrating things about working with lawn care companies is the lack of stock images that don't look completely fake. You'd be amazed as to how many business owners come to us and want us to build a website but they don't have a single picture for us to use to represent their company online. It literally doesn't really make sense, but happens every single week.

Weather Stop Roofing Logo

Is Your Roofing Company Growing Like Weather Stop Roofing is?

Weather Stop Roofing was established in 2007. Gary told us his business has been growing by word of mouth since they got started. He's now in a position where they have the capital and key employees in place to grow his roofing business.

As of right now, Weather Stop Roofing™ has almost no presence in the Google search results. For roofing related searches using the keyword of "Loveland", you may pull up their Google My Business profile. This is because Gary built his company's website himself years and years ago using GoDaddy's SiteBuilder and the search engines simply didn't have much data available to know where they should rank Weather Stop Roofing™.

The website we built them will change this fast.

What Does It Take To Have A High-Performing Roofing Website?

The process of getting a roofing website to produce organic results online requires the same optimizations as ranking any other local service business.

We started with an SEO optimized website that simply looks great!

Once the site is built, we quickly fully connect it to Google and Bing, the 2 largest search engines. This includes fully setting up Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google My Business, Bing Places, and Bing Webmaster Tools. GMB and Bing Places will get them results, the other properties will collect data so we can improve the websites performance overtime by referencing it and making changes accordingly.

Optimizing their Facebook, Yelp, and other key citation and social pages is next. NAP (Name, Address, & Phone) consistency is super important for a local service business. We're cleaning up a lot of errors found in their current citations because they had used several variations of their business name in the past and also wanted to change their business phone number by the time the new site we built them went live.

Roof in Cincinnati OH

Get More Leads For Your Roofing Business Online

I left out a lot of technical details like all of our individual SEO optimizations and the fact that this site is fully loaded in under 1 second!

Some more advanced marketing tasks we are also performing as part of Weather Stop Roofing's website service include setting up and managing their Google Ads account and helping them request reviews from past customers.

We will report back once we have months of analytic data to show just how well we did. We market service-businesses online every day and know this roofing website is a home run already.

Whether you need a ladder rack or a website for your roofing business, give us a shout today!

Ryan Sciamanna

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