Save Money On Gas In 2022

Anyone can save money on gas in 2022 assuming this is available in your area.

But, if you own a lawn and landscape business or another other type of service-industry/trade business, you can save a lot more because you buy a lot more gas!

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Get Paid Every Time You Pump Gas

It sounds too good to be true, but I am literally doing it and have been for about a month now.  I honestly don't drive much at all because I live close to the places I go most often and work from home, but I've still earned $12 and some change in the past month.  

It doesn't seem like much, but if you have multiple vehicles driving much more frequently and/or equipment that burns gas, you could easily earn hundreds of dollars per month.

Since it takes about 10 seconds before I pump to earn cash back, I'm doing it, kind of seems silly not to.

It Couldn't Be Quicker or Easier

There is really nothing to it. 

Here are the steps to get started:

  1. Download the app
  2. Enter some digits from the credit cards you use to pump gas into your 'wallet' in the app
  3. Pick the gas station you'll be fueling up at from the map on the app
  4. Check in and confirm the card you'll be using for this fill up

That's literally it.

Gas in 2022

How Does It Work?

I really don't know!  LOL - I just use it, I didn't create the app!

But, from what I understand the app has 'deals' with various gas stations, restaurants, and grocery stores.  So, you actually can earn cash back on purchases from any of these places, not just gas stations!

You simply 'check in' as described in the steps above on the app and then the app verifies the last digits of your card number actually made a purchase, a couple days later, you get whatever the cashback offer was for that place at that time.

Try It For Yourself

Ryan Sciamanna

Ryan is the owner and founder of Lawn Crack, LLC the parent company of iGoPro Lawn Supply. He has worked in almost every capacity within the lawn and landscape industry for small local companies, nationwide companies, and of course, owning his own lawn & landscape business which he sold in 2018 before starting selling lawn and garden products online. Learn more about Ryan by subscribing to the LawnCrack YouTube Channel.


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