Spam Google My Business Messages Targeting Lawn Services Are Out Of Control

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If you didn't know iGoPro Lawn Supply's owner is also a former lawn service business owner that now offer marketing services for lawn services along with selling lawn and garden parts and supplies.

Ryan gets an email every time one of his customers receive a message sent to one of his clients from their Google My Business account.  He's also hip to spam and fraud on the internet as all of his businesses are internet based.

Spam Google My Business messages are out of control in the Spring of 2022 but it seems that the lawn and landscape companies are a preferred target for these thieves.

How can you tell if a GMB message is spam? (Screenshots included)

To Ryan, the spam or fraudulent GMB messages are easy to spot but to people less computer and internet savvy, they may not be.

Let's take a look at 2 examples of spam GMB messages Ryan has seen close variations of 30+ times already in the Spring of 2022. 

More fake/spam Google My Business message examples will be added at the end of this article for reference.

Spam Google My Business Message Example #1

Fraud GMB Message Example

The message above appears to be fake because this is not how most people talk or type.  Stating his first and last name is the 1st red flag.  The phrase 'texting you concerning' is also very odd.  Finally, his question is essentially, "Do you do lawn care service."  This doesn't even really make sense - 'lawn care service' is vague.  If it were real, it would have said something like do you offer or are you accepting new lawn mowing customers or lawn treatment customers.

Spam GMB Message Example #2-9

Fake GMB Message

Real GMB Message Examples

This article was much longer and in-depth but the computer glitched...hopefully these examples get you the idea as I don't have time to recreate the original article - too busy fulfilling iGoPro Lawn Supply customer orders this spring!!

Respond To ALL GMB Messages

Please respond to the fake and spam GMB messages you receive so Google will not cut you off.  Plenty of  my clients get quality leads from GMB messages on a regular basis.  You just need to quickly sift though the junk and get back to running your business and spending your attention on your best customers and growing your business.

Ryan Sciamanna

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