Turn Your Snow Blower into a Slush Plow

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Christmas in July was always a goofy concept to me.  But, here we are on July 2nd and we just sold our 1st slush plow yesterday.  We also had one of our marketing clients ask us to start the push for Christmas light installations this winter yesterday as well.

You maybe asking yourself, "What is a slush plow?"  We're about to tell you and if you own a snow blower, you may be very interested!

Woman using slush plow on snow blower

What's a slush plow?

It is actually exactly what it sounds like!  It is a plow for slush.  Slush is a mix between snow and ice. 

Slush is often really heavy wet snow that just seems to linger if nothing is done to remove it from paved surfaces such as driveways, sidewalks, and entrances.

Since slush is much heavier than snow, it renders most snow blowers useless as a method to remove it!

The good news is you can convert your snow blower to a slush plow!

Old man using slush plow on snow blower

Slush Plows Attachments For Snow Blowers

A quick and easy installation of the appropriate slush plow onto your snow blower can essentially turn it into a motorized snow plow.

Plowing slush is much more effective than trying to blow it and much less labor intensive than trying to shovel it.

We have 4 sizes of slush plows that fit almost every snow blower that has a transmission with the exception of single-stage snow blowers and Honda 2-stage snow blowers.

Installing a slush plow onto your snow blower will allow you to easy plow up to 5 inches of slush or snow when the slush/snow is too wet and heavy for your snow blower to work properly.

Shop Slush Plows That Fit Snow Blowers 24 Inches Wide to 45 Inches Wide

If your snow blower is between 24" wide and 45" wide, we probably have a slush plow that will work with your snow blower!

Remember, our slush plows do not work with single-stage snow blowers, snow blowers without a transmission, or Honda 2-stage snow blowers.

They are compatible with almost every other snow blower on the market today!  If you have any questions about fitment, please just let us know.

Snow blowers with slush plows installed

Shop Slush Plows by Your Snow Blower's Size

We've found there has been slight confusion over how to know which size slush plow fits what size snow blower.  We've tried to simplify this for the winter of 2021 going into 2022.  If you have any questions, please just let us know!

Durable Slush Plows

Our slush plows are built to last!

Like many items we sell on iGoProLawnSupply.com, we have the lowest price on the internet for slush plows.  It does not mean they are low quality, it means we don't exponentially mark up these products like the other online dealers do.

The whole point of my online store is to get people who need the products we sell to them for as cheap as possible!  I used to own a lawn and landscape company.  I realized how much buying supplies and materials ate into my profits so I set out to do something about it after selling my lawn care business in 2018.


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