Will the Proslide XT work with my mower?

The most common question we receive about the Proslide XT lawn mower sulky is, "Is the Proslide compatible with my mower, I have a [insert your mower here] walk behind?"

In this short blog post, we are going to try to clarify which commercial walk behind lawn mowers are compatible with the Proslide XT.  This list is also applicable to the GoSlide sulky.

We'd love your input!  If you would like to contribute to our evergreen list, please email us your mower make, model, transmission (hydro or belt-driven?), and the average weight of the mower operator.  Send your email to Ryan at admin@iGoProLawnSupply.com or leave a comment below.  Thanks in advance.

Proslide XT on Exmark Turf Tracer

Will the Proslide XT work with my mower?

First, let's cover the 2 recommendations for use provided by the manufacturer.  These are general guidelines.  We know plenty of people that have purchased and used their Proslide with 32" decks, 36" decks, and belt-driven walk-behinds.

  1. 48" deck or larger
  2. Hydro-drive, not belt-driven

Novae Corp, the manufacturer, makes the 48" deck recommendation because smaller deck sizes will be more prone to have the front end lift off the ground slightly during take-off and while traveling up inclines.  This can be resolved by adding weight to your front caster wheels if needed.  We recommend purchasing ankle weights instead of a 'weight kit' for significant savings to accomplish adding weight to counterbalance the additional weight of the user on the lower rear of the mower because they are standing on the Proslide while operating the mower.

The hydro-drive recommendation is made because there is a chance the belts could slip with the additional weight of the user.  After speaking with so many people who have successfully used a Proslide on a belt drive mower, the weight limit of the user seems to be around 160 pounds.  If the mower operator is under 160 pounds, you can probably get away with a belt-drive transmission.  If the user is over 160 pounds, the potential is greater for the belts to slip.

Mower brands compatible with the Proslide XT

List of Mowers Compatible with the Proslide XT Sulky

Here is our evergreen list, meaning we update this whenever feedback is received, of the commercial walk-behind lawn mowers knows to be compatible with the Proslide XT.

The mower makes and models are listed in alphabetical order:

*This list is not complete!  The Proslide XT fits many more models than what you see listed and we are added to it regularly.

  • BOB-CAT 934306
  • BOB-CAT 934308
  • BOB-CAT 934307
  • BOB-CAT 934331
  • BOB-CAT 934332
  • Bradley 36”, 48”, & 52” Hydro Walk-Behind Mower
  • Cub Cadet PRO HW 348* (Light fabrication needed due to how Cub Cadet designed the area where a sulky attaches)
  • Cub Cadet PRO HW 354* (Light fabrication needed due to how Cub Cadet designed the area where a sulky attaches)
  • Exmark Turf Tracer
  • Exmark Viking
  • Ferris FW25
  • Ferris FW35
  • Gravely PRO-WALK HYDRO
  • Husqvarna W548
  • Husqvarna W552
  • Hustler TrimStar *View the needed adaptor to make the Proslide XT work perfectly with your TrimStar!  Click Here or read How to install a Proslide XT on a Hustler TrimStar
  • John Deere G15 – 36” belt drive (140 pound user confirmed it’s compatible)
  • John Deere W36R (For users under 160 pounds)
  • John Deere W48R
  • John Deere W52R
  • John Deere W61R
  • John Deere WH36A (For users under 160 pounds)
  • John Deere WH48A
  • John Deere WH52A
  • John Deere WH61A
  • Kubota WG14 (For users under 160 pounds)
  • Kubota WH15 (For users under 160 pounds)
  • Kubota WHF19
  • Scag SWZT
  • Scag SWZ
  • Snapper Pro SW25
  • Snapper Pro SW35
  • Toro PROLINE
  • Worldlawn Hydro Driven Walk Behind (For users under 160 pounds)
  • Wright Velke ™️ HYDRO
  • Wright Velke ™️ HC
  • Wright Velke ™️ LC

*The light fabrication recommended for these Cub Cadet walk-behind mower models is to create more space between where the Proslide XT mounts to the mower.  2-4" of additional clearance would place the operator is a much more comfortable position to operate the mower while standing on the Proslide.  Without this modification, we've received feedback that the user is too 'crowded' on the handles to operate comfortably.  Simply drilling 2 holes, 4" on center through a small piece of 2x4 may be enough additional clearance.  Longer bolts will need to be purchased as the supplied bolts will be too short to go through the 'spacer.'

Proslide XT not compatible with push mowers or zero turn mowers

Lawn mowers the Proslide XT will not work with

We also have a short-list of commercial mowers the Proslide XT will not work with.  The main reason the Proslide XT will not work with these mowers is that the models listed are commercial push mowers, not traditional commercial 'walk-behinds,' or the manufacturer only makes sit-down zero-turn mowers.

  • BOB-CAT 934301 - An older Bob-Cat walk-behind with a 17 HP engine.  The reason it does not work on this mower is due to the long arms out to the caster wheels in the front making the front end very light and it would not stay on the ground to provide an even cut.
  • Altoz (They don’t offer walk-behind mowers, only zero turns…)
  • Bad Boy Walk Behind (Comes with own unique sulky)
  • Exmark Commercial 30 (Commercial push mower)
  • Ferris FW15 (Commercial push mower)
  • Snapper Pro SW15 (Commercial push mower)
  • Spartan (They don’t offer walk-behind mowers, only zero turns…)
  • Toro TimeMaster (Commercial push mower)
  • Walker (They don’t offer walk-behind mowers, only zero turns…)

Compatibility with the Mean Green walk-behind mower is unknown at this time.

Older Proslide XT on a mower

My experience with a Proslide XT on various walk-behind mowers

If you haven't had a chance to watch the Lawn Crack YouTube channel, my name is Ryan Sciamanna.  I built and sold a lawn care business in Northern Kentucky and know share what I learned in my book, blogs, and YouTube channel.  I've also created a lot of free resources for lawn and landscape business owners and know have the opportunity to offer my colleagues all of the parts and supplies they need to keep their lawn business running at 100%.

I've personally operated a Proslide XT on 48" hydro drive Snapper Pro and Ferris walk-behinds.  We had SW25 Snapper Pros and FW35 Ferris walk-behinds.  The foot pedals do not interfere with the Proslide retraction.  I've also operated Exmark Turf Tracers with 52" decks and hydro drive transmissions with Proslides attached.  For reference, I am 6'2" and 220 pounds.

Proslide XT Lawn Mower Sulky

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