Battery Charging

Battery chargers are made to charge specific types of batteries.  The main 2 types of batteries are 12V and 6V.  We carry battery chargers, jump starters, and trickle chargers for small engines and full-size gas and diesel engines.  Get all the specs and details for each charger by clicking on the product.

Battery chargers for lawn mowers

Portable Battery Charger

All of the Noco Genius and Athena battery chargers we offer are portable.  Perfect for jump-starting your truck, lawn mower, tractor, boat, motorcycle, ATV, and more when your battery fails on the go.

Easily store any of these battery chargers behind or under a seat in your vehicle or in any trunk or storage compartment.

Portable USB Charger

Portable Power Bank

Many of our battery chargers double as a portable power bank and additional useful features such as a built-in LED flashlight.  

USB ports allow for the charging of smartphones, tablets, and more.

Charger and Flashlight

Lawn Mower Jump Starter

Lawn mowers typically use a 6v (6 Volt) battery.  Most battery chargers made for cars and trucks are 12v (12 Volt) battery chargers.  It is not safe to use a 12v battery charger on a 6v battery!  Some 12v battery chargers have a setting for safe use on 6v batteries.

The reason being too much heat can potentially be generated during the charging process.  Even if the battery appears fine and takes the charge there is a good chance the battery was damaged internally.  Batteries damaged during charging are at greater risk to explode.

The GB20, GB40, and GET JumpStarter are our lawn mower jump starter recommendations.

No spark battery charger

Car Battery Charger

Cars and trucks use larger batteries than motorcycles, ATVs, and lawn mowers so it only makes sense you need a larger battery charger to charge their batteries.

The GB50, GB70, and GB150 are battery chargers we offer with enough power to jump your car, truck, boat, or RV.

6 & 12 Volt Battery Recharger

When you know a battery will not be in use for an extended period of time, it is recommended to disconnect the negative battery cable.  Anyone who takes their equipment maintenance seriously is probably already familiar with a trickle charger or battery tender.

Trickle charging a battery is a safe way to enough your battery has all of the power it needs the next time you need to use it.  Trickle chargers deliver a slow drip of power back into the battery over an extended period of time without the need to worry about overcharging or overheating your battery.

The Noco Genious G750 Smart Charger is our recommended battery tender.