Velke Sulky Replacement Parts

Finding replacement parts for your Velke Pro1 or Velke X2 sulky is not always an easy task if you do not have a brick-and-mortar Velke dealer nearby. 

To find the correct part for your Velke on our store, please reference the parts diagram provided below and then type the part number by itself into the search bar at the top of our website.

Velke Pro1 and Velke X2 Parts Diagram PDF - CLICK HERE

Velke Pro1 & Velke X2 Sulky Parts

iGoPro Lawn Supply carries the most commonly replaced parts for Velke brand sulkies.

Shop for Velke bearing and bushing components and kits, clevis pins, spanners, and more, along with several sulky wheels, tires, and tire tubes.

Velke Replacement Wheel Assemblies and Bearing Kits

Sulky wheels are known to give lawn mowing business owners headaches.  Consider replacing your sulky wheels with foam-filled tires to eliminate the possibility of flat sulky tires!  We also sell bearing kits and individual components of bearing kits.