Proslide Torsion Spring Replacement Kit (Not for the Proslide XT Model)

Proslide Torsion Spring Replacement Kit (Not for the Proslide XT Model)

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Proslide Torsion Spring Kit

  • Right-Hand and Left-Hand Torsion Springs for an original Proslide (Before the Proslide XT model was produced.)
  • OEM Replacement Torsion Spring Kit for a Proslide Sulky
  • Proslide Torsion Spring Kit
  • Official Proslide Replacement Part

These do not fit the new version, the Proslide XT.

This is a brand-new Proslide Torsion Spring Kit replacement part made by Novae Corp, the manufacturer of the Proslide.  This comes with both torsion springs, the left-hand and right-hand side torsion spring. 

Please note that Proslide XT parts and GoSlide parts are not interchangeable!

Proslide Replacement Parts


These torsion springs are the only part not compatible between the Proslide and the Proslide XT.  You can use every other part you may need for your original Proslide from the parts available for the Proslide XT including the wear plate, gas springs, and more.

How can you tell them apart?

If your unit still has the branded label sticker on it, the Proslide has a red label and the Proslide XT has a green label.

The original Proslide's production ended around 2005 and since then only the Proslide XT has been produced.

If you have a somewhat newer unit, it is a Proslide XT.