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Proslide XT

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Lawn Mower Sulky

 Why the Proslide XT?

  • It enhances stripes
  • It's compact
  • You can still easily walk behind the mower!
  • Operator stays on the ground
  • Reduced PSI on the lawn
  • Will not destroy your knees!
  • Safety
  • Cost of ownership¬†

Check the Proslide XT's compatibility with your mower.

The Proslide XT is the best walk behind lawn mower sulky options available in our opinion.  We have used single wheel sulkies, two-wheel sulkies, and even Kage Wheel Kaddy.  The Proslide XT is far superior to them all.  See our full product description for all of the benefits and then get yourself one so you can experience the difference for yourself!

Novae Corp honors their warranty on our Proslide XT sales. 

Return Policy: Buyer pays return shipping and Proslide XT must be in new/like-new condition.

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The Proslide XT is a commercial lawn mower sulky which is also referred to as a walk-behind mower sulky.

What makes the Proslide XT better than the traditional single wheel sulky or 2 wheeled sulkies?  Where should I begin...

  1. The Proslide XT also acts as a striping kit as it extends the full width between your lawn mowers wheels laying the grass down as you mow.
  2. It takes up less room while on your trailer.
  3. It self-retracts every time you step off of it.
  4. It keeps you at ground level so you are still in the proper position to use your lawn mower's controls.
  5. It spreads your weight over the surface area of the platform you stand on.  No more dark stripes created by single wheel sulkies.
  6. It will not damage your knees as 2 wheeled sulkies do over time.
  7. It is much safer when mowing on hills as you do not have your wheeled sulky in your way which can create a very dangerous situation.
  8. The most common repairs take less than 5 minutes to complete.
  9. It is very similar in price to the traditional wheeled sulkies you are probably familiar with.  By the way, we have the cheapest price available on ProSlide XT's.  We are an authorized dealer.
  10. The cost of ownership is very similar to wheeled sulkies.  Instead of replacing tires and bearings, you only have a couple of torsion springs, gas shocks, and the wear plate to worry about replacing.  If used properly the Proslide XT will last for years without any issues. Improper use or abuse will, of course, increase your repair costs.  This is true of anything though!

What if my mower deck is less than 48" wide? I saw the manufacturer doesn't recommend use on a deck less than 48"...

The reason the manufacturer doesn't recommend them to be used on decks smaller than 48" is twofold.

#1 - The decks on the smaller size mowers don't weigh as much as the larger size decks.  The addition of the user's weight which is in the back and low to the ground makes it more likely the front wheels of the mower will not stay on the ground.  This mainly would occur when starting to move quickly and on inclines.

The solution for this, if needed, is to add weight to the front of your mower deck and/or castor wheel arms.  It just needs to be enough weight to counteract the additional weight in the back.

#2 - Smaller deck mowers typically have smaller engines and transmissions.  Their concern here is that the additional weight of the user may be too much for the engine and transmission to function properly.

What is the weight limit of the user/mower operator?

The manufacturer recommends the user be under 205 pounds, but it is not because the Proslide XT is not built to withstand that amount of weight.  It is because there is a possibility that the front castor wheels will want to lift off the ground more than normal when accelerating quickly or when traveling up inclines.  I personally operated our mowers with Proslide's weighing 220 pounds for years without issue.  I even had one employee that weighs 270 pounds on it, but 270 pounds did put some stress on the Proslide.

Will it fit on my mower?

If a wheeled sulky of any kind works with your mower, the Proslide XT should too.  That is a pretty standard rule of thumb.  We used them on Snapper Pro walk-behinds with the foot petal breaks without issue (minor grinding needed to make the mounting bracket fit).  Please just ask if you are unsure, and send pictures if possible of the back of your specific mower!

I have a belt-drive walk-behind...

There is a chance that with the addition of the weight of the user, the belt and pulley transmission system on your mower may fail.  This is why the manufacturers, like most wheeled sulky manufacturers, recommend them for use on hydro-drive machines.  

With that said, I personally know plenty of people using Proslides on belt-drive machines without issue.  I also know a couple that simply returned theirs because their mower would not pull them around after installation.  There are simply too many mowers for us to possibly know if you will have this issue or not.