Gift Ideas For Lawn & Landscape Professionals

Not sure what to get your loved one in the lawn and landscape industry?

We have several gifts ideas for lawn & landscape professionals that they are sure to love!

Lawn and landscape gift ideas

Best Gifts For Lawn & Landscape Pros

Here is the list!  Learn more below about why these are great gifts for your loved one in the green industry.

  1. Gift Card to
  2. RBG 712 Blade Sharpener
  3. Lawn Mower Blade Balancer
  4. A Sulky For Their Walk-Behind Lawn Mower
  5. Battery-Powered Chemical Sprayer
  6. Mo-Deck, HedgePro and/or Sno-Jet Aerosols
  7. The A.N.T. (Best Friend For Leaf Removal Service Providers!)
  8. Zero-Turn Mower Seat Suspension Upgrade
  9. Vortex Trimmer Line
  10. The Green Guard Grass Flap/Chute Blocker
  11. SawHaul Chainsaw Holders
  12. Fuelworx Gas Cans
  13. Noco Battery Jump Starter and/or Trickle Charger

View all of these gifts for lawn lovers here.

iGoPro Lawn Supply Gift Card

Gift Cards For Those In The Lawn Care Industry

Arguably the best gift you can get your friend or family member in the lawn care industry is a gift card to  

This would allow them  to pick out exactly what they need most for their business whether that be an accessory like a sulky, a consumable like trimmer string, or a part like a blade, belt, or spindle for their specific machine.

We have a large selection and  internet-low prices on high-quality lawn & garden products so they are sure to find something they really need.

Shop all gift cards here.

Mower Blade Grinder Gift

The RBG 712 Blade Grinder and/or Blade Sharpening Accessories

Hands down the most popular lawn mower blade sharpener is the RBG 712 Blade Grinder.  Made in the USA, the RBG712 is the perfect balance of price, consistency, and speed for blade sharpening.

If you know your loved one already has the RBG 712, ask if they have the grit collector for it or need a replacement grinding disc.

Another super popular mower blade sharpening accessory is our lawn mower blade balancer Made in Italy with precision for extreme accuracy.

We guarantee to have the lowest price on the RBG 712 - Shop the RBG 712.

Leaf Mower Sulky Gifts

A Sulky For Their Walk-Behind Lawn Mower

If you know your friend or family member has a commercial walk-behind lawn mower that they are literally still walking behind, a sulky would be the absolute perfect gift for them!

A sulky allows the mower operator to stand on it and it will tote them around behind their lawn mower without having to walk!

We have several options of lawn mower sulkies available and can help you pick with perfect one with a little bit of info about the recipients mower.

Shop all sulkies - once again, we guarantee to have the lowest price on any of the sulkies we sell!


Lawn Sprayer Gifts

Battery-Powered Lawn Sprayers

I personally started using a battery-powered lawn sprayer instead of the old-fashioned manual pump style sprayer in 2022.  Man!  What a difference.  The time saving I achieved not having to pump over and over again was significant.

Shop lawn sprayers.

Lawn and Snow Spray Gifts

Mo-Deck, HedgePro and/or Sno-Jet Aerosols

These products make perfect gits because they are not expensive and you don't need to know anything about the piece of equipment to know these products will work for your loved one.

Mo-Deck is a non-stick spray for the underside of lawn mower decks.  HedgePro is a lubricant and cleaner for hedge trimmers.  Sno-Jet is a non-stick spray for snow blowers and snow plows.

Buy Sno-Jet.

Buy Mo-Deck.

Buy HedgePro.

Leaf Removal Gift

The A.N.T. (Best Friend For Leaf Removal Service Providers!

Brand spanking new!

If you know your landscaper offers leaf removal services, they want The A.N.T. and probably do not even know it exists yet.  It was 1st introduced at the Equip Expo in October of 2022.

The A.N.T. allows tarps full of heavy leaves to be pulled around a yard with ease, just as if you were walking!

The A.N.T. is on sale right now!

Suspension Seat Gift

Zero-Turn Mower Seat Suspension Upgrade

Nothing says I love you like taking the bumps out of lawn mowing!

If your loved one has a commercial zero-turn mower, ask them if they have a suspension seat.  If they do not, we have a universal seat suspension upgrade kit that is super easy to install.  

Having a suspension under the seat on a zero-turn mower makes all the difference in the quality of the ride over bumpy ground.  Perfect for a lawn mower with any kind of back pain!

Shop the aftermarket seat suspension upgrade.

Trimmer String Gift

Vortex Trimmer Line

Vortex trimming line is by far our best selling trimmer line.  The unique twisted oval shape to the line cleanly cuts through grass and weeds.  It is the preferred trimmer string of many lawn mowing professionals. 

We have Vortex trimmer line available is several diameters and lengths.  Let us know if you need assistance picking out which Vortex line would be ideal for use with your loved one's string trimmer or weed eater.

Shop our Vortex trimmer line.

Chute Blocker Gift

The Green Guard Grass Flap/Chute Blocker

Another major upgrade that can be made to commercial walk-behind or zero-turn mowers.  

The Green Guard is a grass flap or chute blocker powered by the lawn mower itself.  This allows the mower operator to press a button to raise and lower the chute blocker on their mower so they can control where the grass clippings go as they mow.

Shop the grass flap/chute blockers.

Chain Saw Holder Gift

SawHaul Chainsaw Holders

SawHaul is the most popular manufacturer of chainsaw holders.

We have their chainsaw holder available in 3 versions.  One version is made for tractors, one is made for ATVs/UTVs, and one is made for ROPs bars found on zero-turn mowers and other pieces of equipment.

Shop SawHaul chainsaw holders.

Gas Can Gift

Fuelworx Gas Can

Leaking gas cans are super frustrating.  The older gas cans also took up a lot of space.  

Fuelworx gas cans are heavy duty and stackable.  They are perfect for anyone that needs to keep gas cans in the vehicle for use throughout the day.

Shop Fuelworx gas cans.

Battery Jumpstarter Gift

Noco Battery Jump Starter and/or Trickle Charger

The last thing a lawn care pro or landscaper needs is a dead battery!  Sometimes a piece of equipment may die it an area that can't be accessed by another to jump it with jumper cables.

Fortunately, we have awesome portable jump starters perfect for lawn mowers to Bobcats/skid steers and large diesel trucks.  They are small and compact and can jump a battery 10+ times on a single charge!

We also carry trickle chargers to maintain batteries when they are parked at the shop or in the garage.

Shop outdoor equipment and truck jump starters.

Ryan Sciamanna

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