Best Chute Blocker For Lawn Mowers

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So, if you are in the market for a chute blocker for your lawn mower you are probably getting pretty frustrated at this point!

Most chute blockers only fit specific mowers and tracking down the one that will  work with your specific mower can be a nightmare.

Meet the 'almost universal' chute blocker or grass flap for commercial lawn mowers of all types.  We sell The Green Guard line of professional-grade, motorized chute blockers and they fit almost every walk-behind, stander, or zero-turn mower.

Chute blocker on a walk-behind lawn mower

A Chute Blocker Built By A Lawn Care Business Owner

I met Jeremiah at the 2021 GIE+Expo Lawn & Garden show held in October each year in Louisville, KY.  The show will continue under a different name in 2022 and beyond.  It's now called the Equip Exposition.

Jeremiah designed and built HD and Slim HD commercial-grade chute blockers for use in his own lawn mowing business!  I saw his booth and we got to talking!

Since Jeremiah cuts grass professionally, he knew exactly what he wanted from his chute blocker on his own mower.  He also knew others would want it to so he designed it in such a manner that it fits almost any commercial walk-behind, stander, or zero-turn mower.

Push A Button, Open or Shut Your Grass Flap & Keep Mowing!

Oh, by the way, you can also toggle through a 1/2 open or 1/4 open position for even greater functionality!

The operation could not be more simple.  Picking the right model for your machine is just as easy and even installing the motorized chute blocker is easy!

If you have a zero-turn mower or stander, you may want to add-on the foot operation switch, but you can always operate the hand-operated switch right next to your mower's control too.

42" and Larger Mower Decks Use the HD Model & 36" and Smaller Decks Use The Slim HD Model

No more guess work.  There aren't a million options available just to confuse you.  Picking the right motorized chute blocker for your machine is determined by the deck width of your lawn mower.

Shop the right model for you:

The HD model is for 42" and larger decks.

The Slim HD model is for 36" and smaller decks.

View both models and all accessories.

Another Great Choice For A Chute Blocker

If you aren't interested in a motorized flap there is a very popular chute blocker that does not have a motor.  Because it doesn't have a motor, it does cost less and maybe a better option for you.

Check out the Advanced Chute System.


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