Insurance For Contractors in Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana

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Running the iGoPro Lawn Supply website and working with businesses of all types for their marketing needs such as their website design, SEO, and Google Ads management, we've met many awesome businesses.

In this blog post we'd like to highlight an insurance company serving all of Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana that specializes in business insurance for contractors since so many of the people shopping on iGoPro Lawn Supply are a contractor of some type.

Dave Walkenhorst Insurance Agency Website Screen Shot

Dave Walkenhorst Insurance Agency Offers Contractor Insurance

Dave Walkenhorst Insurance Agency is located very close to iGoPro Lawn Supply in Northern Kentucky. Dave has been a lifelong Fort Thomas resident and has been selling quality insurance products for 30+ years in 2021!

Dave has formed strategic relationships with insurance carriers that offer insurance products for contractors. In fact, they offer insurance products for all types of businesses. View all of their business insurance products including workers' comp!

Protect Your Business With The Right Insurance

All of us here at iGoPro Lawn Supply are business owners and have been required to carry different types of insurance for many years. It never ceases to amaze us how much knowledge people who specialize in something (anything) know about that subject.

That is exactly the feeling when we were working with Dave and his team redesigning their website in May of 2021.

Click the following link if you'd like to check out their entire insurance website to see one of our latest website designs.

Insurance Tips For Contractors

Here are a couple of tips we picked up over the years for businesses needing insurance.

  1. Shop for insurance every year or two - New carriers and products become available all the time so make sure you are paying the lowest rate for insurance by shopping somewhat frequently.
  2. Ask if discounts are now available - Bundling insurance is the easiest way to save and why you should contact Dave Walkenhorst! They have about every type of insurance a business could possibly need.
  3. Double-check your rate on Workers Comp insurance - It's really a preference as to what you do with your insurance. What we mean by that is you can pick a lower monthly fee and a higher deductible or choose lesser policy limits to lower your monthly payment. But, when it comes to Workers Comp, make sure you are paying the least amount legally allowed!

Contact Dave Walkenhorst and Tell Them Ryan Their Website Guy Referred You

If your lawn and landscape, HVAC, roofing, plumbing, pressure washing, or other service-based business is located in OH, KY, or IN, reach out to the insurance team at Dave Walkenhorst today and let them shop for the best rate for your business insurance needs!

Ryan Sciamanna

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