Most Popular Lawn Mower Sulky 2021

If you are in the market for a lawn mower sulky in 2021, we encourage you to strongly consider the Proslide XT lawn mower sulky!

The Proslide XT is iGoPro Lawn Supply's top selling item. Our next best-selling item is the RBG 712 Lawn Mowing Blade Sharpener.

We've sold well over a 100 Proslide XT lawn mower sulkies for the past several years, but in 2021 we've sold 100 before May arrived!

We are proud to say we offer the Proslide XT for $420 with free shipping and sales tax is only collected for orders shipped to Kentucky!

striping lawn mower sulky

The Proslide XT Is Hot

There is a reason the Proslide XT is and has been gaining popularity for some time now.

Along with its less expensive counterpart, the GoSlide Sulky also made by Novae Corp, they are the only "platform style" lawn mower sulkies on the market today.

The benefits the platform provides compared to wheeled sulkies are many!

sulky retracted under lawn mower handles

Why Choose The Proslide XT As Your Lawn Mower's Sulky

Here is a list of reasons why we feel the Proslide XT is the best option you have when considering which walk-behind lawn mower sulky to purchase. The best part is, the feedback from our customers makes it very clear they agree!

  1. You'll never get a flat tire
  2. Proslide cannot jackknife
  3. You'll feel fewer bumps
  4. It takes up less trailer space
  5. When walking behind the unit, it's like a sulky is not attached. You can walk freely behind your machine when needed
  6. The operator stays centered behind the mower's controls
  7. You are at ground level which is beneficial for taller mower operators - less bending over
  8. It literally acts as a stripe kit as a bonus!
  9. There are no grease fittings or bearings to maintain/replace
  10. Puts less PSI on the lawn's soil

lawn mower sulky that can't jackknife

We're An Authorized Proslide Dealer

We are an authorized dealer of Novae Corp. When you purchase your Proslide or any other product they manufacture such as GridIron Trailer Racks and Ladder Racks, you get the full manufacturer's 1-year warranty and still enjoy the super fast shipping times. 

Most orders ship the same day if placed by 2PM and will arrive at your door within 1-3 business days.

Plus, you get to tap into our knowledgeable customer service and extended hours plus contact options. You can call, text, or email us for any reason before or after purchasing your Proslide XT from iGoPro Lawn Supply.

If you have any issues with your Proslide XT, we do accept returns. Please read our return policy.

Have a question about the Proslide XT?

We answer questions every day!

The most common questions we get are:

Will the Proslide XT work with my mower?

If you own a commercial walk behind mower, the answer is probably yes. Another general rule of thumb is if a 1-wheeled sulky or 2-wheeled sulky works with your lawn mower, the Proslide probably will too.

2 things to know about the Proslide's compatibility with your mower

  1. The manufacturer recommends your mower be hydro-driven as opposed to belt-driven
  2. The manufacturer recommends a minimum mower deck width of 48 inches

The reasoning behind these recommendations are as follows...

  1. Hydro-Drive Transmission: If your mower is belt-driven, the belts may slip. This would keep your mower's transmission from moving your mower forward with the additional weight of the operator standing on the Proslide. It seems lighter users are able to still use the Proslide with a belt-driven mower.
  2. 48" or Larger Mower Deck: If your mower's deck is less than 48" there is a chance the front end of your mower deck will want to raise up slightly from ground level during take off from a complete stop and while standing on the sulky and traveling up hills. An easy fix for this is to simply add weight to the caster wheel area of your mower to counterbalance. We recommend purchasing cheap ankle weights for aerobics to accomplish this on the cheap.

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