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The Cheapest Lawn Mower Sulky

We offer Free Shipping on the GoSlide Sulky.  Compare and save.  You get a brand new GoSlide with a full manufacturer's warranty for less than anywhere else. The GoSlide is a less expensive alternative to the Proslide XT. Currently, we are running a rare sale price on the GoSlide to clear our in stock inventory due to our move.  Our loss, your gain! Single and two-wheel sulkies are a thing of the past.  Once you learn about the benefits of a wheelless sulky we are confident you will never go back! Who walks behind their walk behind anymore?  The GoSlide is a great way to burn in your stripes and reduce user fatigue while keeping the user at ground level for...

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The Best Lawn Mower Sulky in 2022 is Still The Proslide XT

Everything you need to start using the Proslide sulky is included in the box - the mounting bracket and hardware to install are included. The Proslide XT is compatible with almost every commercial walk-behind lawn mower. 2 things to note about compatibility: The manufacturer recommends a 48" deck size or larger The manufacturer recommends the mower be hydro-driven, not belt-driven Everything you need to start sliding behind your mower is included in the box! Hustler TrimStar mowers need the TrimStar adapter to account for the angle of the mounting area. The 48" deck recommendation is because smaller decks may tend to lift off the ground during take-off.  To counterbalance this, simply add weight to the caster wheel area of your...

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