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Did you know the owner of iGoPro Lawn Supply built and sold a lawn care business?

It's true.  Ryan Sciamanna is the now owner of iGoPro Lawn Supply, Lawn Crack, and Optimized SEO and Websites since selling his lawn and landscape service in April of 2018.

Ryan's company was Loyal Green.  The business went under shortly after Ryan sold the business due to poor management by the new owners.  If you try going to Loyal Green's website,, you will now be redirected to  Ryan is not an owner of BNB Lawn Mowing but is financially invested in the business.  It is owned by one of Ryan's best friends and former crew leader at Loyal Green.

Hiring Optimized To Build Your Lawn/Landscape Website Means You Have A Proven Industry Expert On Your Marketing Team

Why did Ryan sell his lawn business?  After all, he was out of the field and the business was on cruise control with healthy profit margins.  He simply lost his passion.  Between customers seeming to get cheaper and cheaper and the constant worry employees won't show up today, he had enough.  It was time to move onto his next passion.

Ryan fell in love with the internet.  He was able to sell his business because he attracted so many leads and then converted them into clients.  The overwhelming primary source of leads came from his company's website.  Ryan took over his lawn service's website in 2011.

Of course, they also closed the deal, did the work, and maintained a great reputation with clients, competitors, and vendors alike.

Green Touch Lawn Care Charlotte NC

Take A Look At This Lawn Service's Website Completed by Optimized in 2021

Santiago is the owner of Green Touch Lawn Care in Charlotte, NC.  They offer lawn mowing in Mint Hill, NC and the nearby portions of Charlotte.  Charlotte is a big city in terms of square footage.  This site required hyperlocal SEO to dial in on the exact parts of Charlotte Green Touch Lawn Care could actually service.

The Optimized website building team and Santiago are stoked about the design.  It simply pops!  It's easy to consume the information on the website and just as easy to navigate.  The calls to action are clear.  It's everything you could want from your website if your are a local lawn service.

The fact that Green Touch Lawn Care had excellent original photos certainly helped make this website look so great.

Williams Lawn Care Services Girard OH

Check Out This Landscaper's Website

Optimized builds websites for all types of local business, focusing on service providers, and really targeting lawn and landscape services since they have inside knowledge of this industry.  Many of the lawn services we build websites for, 60+ and counting now, also offer landscaping, sprinkler system installation and repair, tree services, snow removal, and other related services.

Williams Lawn Care Services focuses on the landscaping side of the business while still offering lawn mowing and other services you may consider more on the lawn care side of the business.

Marcus Williams is the owner and is a stand up guy.  It was a pleasure working with such a professional.  Santiago was an excellent client to work with as well.  I can honestly say Williams Lawn Care Services comes highly recommended if you are in need of landscape maintenance in Warren, OH or nearby.

Ryan Sciamanna

Ryan is the owner and founder of Lawn Crack, Optimized SEO and Websites, iGoPro Lawn Supply, and iGoPro Marketing. After working in about every aspect of the lawn care industry, Ryan started his own lawn care company with a push mower and no experience owning a business.

10 years later he sold his business for a healthy profit and continues to serve the lawn and landscape industry with high-quality products and website and online marketing services. Ryan also offers free content to help new lawn care business owners and DIY homeowners professionally maintain their lawns!

You can continue learning on's or's blogs or the LawnCrack YouTube channel. Free resources are available for download on Consider buying the eBook version of Cracking the Code to Profit in the Lawn and Landscape Industry. In the book, Ryan lays out exactly how he built a profitable lawn care business and how you can do the same.