Trimmer Line - Diamond

Diamond Style Trimmer Line

Diamond trimmer line is preferred by many lawn maintenance services across the United States.  The square, or "diamond", shape of the line is able to cut through tall grass and tough weeds with ease.

Diamond Trimmer Line Ranging From .080 to .170 in Diameter

iGoPro Lawn Supply has diamond trimmer line available in sizes ranging from .080 to .170 in diameter.  Be sure to check your trimmer's manual or aftermarket trimmer heads manual to ensure you purchase a diameter that will work with your string trimmer.

5 Pound, 3 Pound, 1 Pound, and Smaller Sizes Available

 Since we cater to weekend warriors and lawn care professionals alike, we offer trimmer string in an assortment of sizes.  Smaller diameter string is used with many residential grade weed eaters including electric and battery-powered weed eaters.  

Most lawn mowing companies run .095 or .105 trimmer line.  If you have trimmers with larger engines made for trimming tall grass and overgrown areas, the .130 or larger line may best suit your needs.