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DECK BELT 2RHA(1.25") X 112"

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Kubota K5351-34710 Belt, 112 Poly. OEP 15-011. Deck Spindle Drive Belt 2A Banded. For 54" Cut Models B2320, B2620, B2920 with RCK54-29B, Models B7400, B7500, B7510, B7610 with RCK54-75B, Model BX1500 with RCK54-15BX DECK, Models BX1800, BX1830 BX22, BX2200, BX2230, BX23LB-B, BX23LB-T with RCK54-22BX Deck, BX1850, BX1860, BX2350, BX2360, BX24, BX25, BX2660 with RCK54-23BX, Model ZD321 with RCK54-321Z. Deck.Per OEP Length: 113-1/8" Width: 1-1/4".

  • KUBOTA K5351-34710
  • LENGTH: 112"
  • WIDTH: 1-1/4"
  • CASE QTY: 25