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Fuelworx 1.5-Gallon Stackable Gas Can

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This is the 1.5-gallon red version of the Fuelworx gas can.

Pour gas up to 3x faster than other gas cans!

With the ability to control the speed of the flow.  Fill big tanks fast and small tanks slow.  No more gas spills!

1.5-Gallon Stackable Gas Cans

1-1/2 gallon, 2-1/2 gallon, and 5-gallon gan cans can be stacked together!

Stackable Gas Cans

Locks in 1 easy step.  Just slide in and slide out!

The stacking design provides for economical storage.  They are safer for transportation and offer a non-tip design with a low center of gravity for maximum stability.

Special Gas Can Spout

Fuelworx Gas Can Spout

  • Easy Flow Trigger Spout
  • 360º Rotating Spout
  • Fuel Flow Control Trigger
  • Child Safety Lock
  • Viton Seals - Resistant to Fuel Permeation

1.5-Gallon Vented Gas Can

Gan Can Vent

The vent allows you to quickly and safely expel gas fumes before you begin to pour gas.

It also allows you to quickly pour gas into large fuel ports when you are not worried about overfilling.  

*Patented technology

  • Size: 1.5 Gallon
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