Open Trailer Hand Tool Holder

Open Trailer Hand Tool Holder

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GridIron Equipment Rack Attachment

Tired of digging around in your truck bed for that rake you know is in there somewhere to finally find it and realize the handle was snapped due to all the weight of the other tools and equipment on top?  Problem solved!

The hand tool organizer keeps your hand held tools such as rakes, shovels, and brooms protected and easily accessible throughout your work day.

Polymer inserts protect your tools handles when sliding them in and out of the rack.


  • (2) Cross-member bars to connect to GridIron posts (sold separately) with pre-drilled and spaced holes to slide your hand tools into.

You may possibly also need:

  • A post to attach the mount to your racking system on an open trailer.  Or, this mount can also be attached to a 2x4 mounted to the inside wall of your enclosed trailer or box truck.
  • If you do need a post, please pick from a 'post' or a 'post set' depending on your needs.

Benefits Of Our Equipment Racks

  1. Save 20% on average when compared to comparable Green Touch Extreme Pro Series racks!  Why pay for paint?!
  2. Fully customizable now and forever.  Your business is going to grow right?  Well, you may need to change the layout of your equipment on your racks to make room for all your new toys.  With our racks, you maybe able to purchase the only attachment you need instead of an entire new rack!
  3. Aviation grade aluminum is super strong and will not rust...EVER.  These will be the last tool racks you ever need.

*Tools not included.

Want to view the installation instruction manual?  View Manual