Walk-Behind Lawn Mower Accessories and Upgrades

Do you want more from your walk behind lawn mower?

Let's take a look at some walk-behind lawn mower accessories and upgrades that can make you more efficient and safer while mowing grass.

Walk-Behind Lawn Mower Accessories:

  • Motorized grass flap/chute
  • Flat-free caster wheels
  • Sulky that also acts like a stripe kit
  • Flat-free Velke wheels if you use a Velke sulky
  • Grass catcher/grass bag for walk-behind mowers

Grass flap of walk-behind lawn mowers

The Green Guard Motorized Grass Flap/EZ-Chute

We are an authorized dealer for The Green Guard who makes the most popular motorized grass flap or chute blocker for walk-behind mowers today.

We only sell the HD, or Heavy Duty, models because we know our customers mow a lot of grass!

2 versions are available depending on the size of your lawn mower's deck.  We also have accessories for The Green Guard and the flap is available in rubber or aluminum.

Shop The Green Guard Grass Flaps.

Flat-free caster wheels for walk-behind mowers

Flat-Free Caster Wheels For Walk-Behind Mowers

Flat-free caster wheels are a great way to eliminate down-time due to flat tires.

Here is what matters when you are wanting to swap out your OEM part number for a flat-free version.

The bore (or ID): The bore, or ID, needs to match your OEM part number's bore or ID

The hub length: The hub length needs to be the same as your OEM part number's hub length

The tire size: The tire size should also match the OEM tire size for your mower although if you replace both, as long as you have room to fit the new tire size, the tire size can potentially change slightly.  If you change tire sizes, you should measure your cut height compared to the settings on your mower to make sure you know the height you are actually cutting at!

Shop flat-free caster wheels for walk-behinds.

Proslide XT walk behind mower sulky

Sulkies That Also Stripe

We sell 2 professional-grade sulkies and 100% love these sulkies!  They are both in our top 10 best-selling products.

The Proslide XT has a bonus feature as it retracts up and out of the way so you can walk freely behind your walk behind when you are not standing on it.  The GoSlide is a less expensive option but does not retract when you step off automatically but can be chained up like most wheeled sulkies - the chain is included.

Both the Proslide XT sulky and GoSlide sulky use a platform instead of wheels.  The platform lays the grass down in between your mower's rear tires effectively acting as a striping kit.  It's much safer on hills, takes up less trailer space, and the benefits go on and on.

Shop the Proslide XT sulky.

Shop the GoSlide sulky.

Flat-free Velke wheel

Flat-Free Velke Sulky Wheels

If you insist on running a Velke sulky instead of a Proslide XT or GoSlide, we have flat-free wheels for both the 1-wheel version and 2-wheel version.

Shop our flat-free wheel assembly for 1-wheel Velkes.

Shop our flat-free wheel assembly for 2-wheel Velkes.

Grass bag for Exmark walk behind mowers

Bagging System For Walk-Behind Mowers

The grass bag or grass catcher we carry lists Exmark part numbers as direct replacements, but it does also fit Encore, Jacobsen, FD Kees, Ariens, & Gravely walk-behind lawn mowers. 

Check out the grass bag for walk-behind mowers.

Replacement Parts For Walk-Behind Mowers

iGoPro Lawn Supply carries a wide variety of replacement parts for walk behind lawn mowers.  No matter what brand of mower you have, we probably have the parts you need!  We even carry hard-to-find parts for older lawn mowers.

Along with parts for lawn mowers, we also carry trimmer string and everything else you need to get the job done.

Ryan Sciamanna

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