Belts - Aramid Kevlar

Our aramid belts use kevlar fiber reinforcement instead of polyester fiber reinforcement.

Aramid Fiber Belts

The special reinforcement fibers used in aramid belts are made for high-intensity applications where traditional belts are prone to fail.  The Kevlar fibers provide aramid belts with the strength they need to withstand more taxing applications..  The kevlar also makes these belts much more resistant to heat.

You can expect a longer life out of an aramid belt compared to a traditional belt.

Kevlar Belts Sizes Available

All belts are available in 1" length increments.  Some lengths are not available.

We have the ranges of belt lengths available listed below.  The belts are sorted from smallest to largest.

1/2" belt length range: 23" - 163"

3/8" belt length range: 24" - 50" (Starting on page 9)

5/8" belt length range: 25" - 199" (Starting on page 11)

We also have the Exmark blade belt 5/8" X 128-13/16" with aramid reinforcement on page 19.