Proslide XT Sulky Mounting Adapter For Hustler TrimStar and BigDog Hike

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In this short and to the point blog post with pictures I will cover how to replace the 'lift arm assembly' that comes on the Proslide XT with the "TrimStar adapter" that corrects the angle found on Hustler TrimStar and BigDog Hike walk-behind lawn mowers where any sulky would attach.

You need to remove and replace 1 nut to accomplish this.  Let's go!

Getting Started

Sulky Mounting Angle Correction Step 1

The picture above shows a the 'lift arm assembly' that will correct the angled mounting area on Hustler TrimStar and BigDog Hike lawn mowers.  The nut you see on the stock left arm assembly is the one that needs to be removed.

Step 1

Sulky Mounting Angle Correction Step 2

It only requires a 1/2" socket and ratchet.  Loosen the nut being careful not to strip out the nut.  We recommend letting the wrench rotate until it cannot rotate any further to stabilize everything as you loosen the nut.

Step 2

Sulky Mounting Angle Correction Step 3

After removing the lift arm assembly that came on your Proslide XT, replace it with the angle correcting adapter version and tighten the nut making sure to install the new piece in the same orientation as the original was removed.

Step 3

Sulky Mounting Angle Correction Step 4

Line up the lower holes found on the mounting bracket that attaches to your mower.  You might as well install the mounting bracket onto your mower before doing this step.  If your mower does not have pre-drilled holes at the correct spacing (4 inch on center) then you will have to drill these holes.  It is recommended to install the mounting bracket towards the bottom of the mounting area with the center of the holes in the bracket in the center of your mower (not the center of the mounting bracket as the holes are not in the center of the bracket!).

Sulky Mounting Angle Correction Help

The mounting bracket has 2 holes on one side and 1 hole on the other.  This is because the connecting pin is 'U-shaped.'  To completely remove your Proslide XT once installed, just remove the cotter pin and slide the connecting pin out.

Mounting Your Proslide XT on your TrimStar or Hike Walk-Behind Mower

Sulky Mounting Angle Correction Tip

The last tip is to make sure the 'L-shaped' lip on the lift arm assembly catches the bottom of the mounting bracket attached to your mower when sliding the connecting rod through installing your Proslide XT.  You should have one arm under the Proslide XT in the center balancing it and holding it in position while your other hand is pushing the connecting pin through all of the holes.  You should be holding the Proslide XT in the 'transport/raised' position to line everything up and to allow the Proslide XT to function properly after installation.

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