Ladder Rack Crossmember

Ladder Rack Crossmember

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GridIron Equipment Ladder Rack Component

Piece together the perfect ladder racking system for your specific needs.

Each crossmember you add to your racking system can handle 500 pounds worth of ladders.  If a GridIron ladder racking system uses 2 crossmembers, you can safely store 1,000 pounds of ladders on that racking system.


  • (1) Crossmember bar

You may possibly also need:

  • Another crossmember bar.¬† You will need at least 2 of these to mount ladders on top of your vehicle.
  • 4¬†posts (3' minimum length) to attach your crossmembers to and¬†(1)¬†set of slotted mounting brackets to attached the posts to your box truck or enclosed trailer.
  • Ladder hooks if you would like to also hang ladders on the side of your vehicle.¬† Consider using posts longer than 3' long if you would like to utilize ladder hooks on your racking system.
  • Crossmember Support Brace - This will double the load capacity of a single crossmember.

Benefits Of Our Equipment Racks

  1. Fully customizable now and forever.  Your business is going to grow right?  Well, you may need to change the layout of your equipment on your racks to make room for all your new toys.  With our racks, you maybe able to purchase the only attachment you need instead of an entire new rack!
  2. Aviation grade aluminum is super strong and will not rust...EVER.  These will be the last tool racks you ever need.

*Ladders, posts, and mounting hardware not included.  Must purchase separately.

Want to view the installation instruction manual?  View Manual